EL DIA QUE CONOCI AL CHAPO – La serie presentara imágenes nunca antes vistas y detalles exclusivos del encuentro entre una de las más importantes actrices mexicanas, el narcotraficante más buscado del mundo y una estrella de Hollywood.

Netflix, la red líder mundial de televisión por Internet, anunció hoy la serie biográfica The Day I Met El Chapo: La historia de Kate del Castillo se estrenará exclusivamente en Netflix el 20 de octubre de 2017.

El día que conocí a El Chapo es el relato biográfico de la actriz mexicana Kate del Castillo. La serie de tres partes cuenta la versión de la historia desde la perspectiva de Kate usando imágenes nunca antes vistas y detalles exclusivos de lo que llevó a la infame reunión entre el más famoso narcotraficantes del mundo, una estrella de Hollywood y una de las actrices de televisión más populares  de México.

 “Como actriz me han dado la oportunidad de interpretar personajes de ficción y fascinantes papeles de los que estoy muy orgullosa. Ahora tengo la oportunidad de contar mi historia, mi realidad, mi verdad. Este proyecto narrara cómo empezó todo , por qué acepte los derechos a producir la historia de vida de una de las figuras del narcotráfico más buscadas de mundo y lo que sucedió después “,

dijo Kate del Castillo, protagonista y productora ejecutiva de The Day I Met El Chapo.


David Broome, quien es el creador de la serie y productor ejecutivo, expreso que

“Estoy muy emocionado de profundizar en la saga de la vida más loca y complicada que jamás haya escuchado, una compleja historia que envuelve grandes problemas sociales y políticos. Me siento honrado de que Kate me haya dado la oportunidad de contar su verdad “.

La serie es producida por Producciones 25/7 y Kate del Castillo Productions. Los productores ejecutivos incluyen a David Broome, Yong Yam y Kate del Castillo. El director de la serie es Carlos Armella.

Acerca de Netflix

Netflix es la red mundial más importante de televisión por Internet, con 104 millones de suscriptores en más de 190 países que incluye series originales, documentales y largometrajes.

Acerca de 25/7 Producciones

25/7 Productions es una compañía independiente de producción independiente lanzada en 2003 por Dave Broome, y ha producido cientos de horas de programación de entretenimiento .

What You Didn’t Know about Calle 13

<!– What You Didn't Know about Calle 13 –>

Calle 13 is a Puerto Rican alternative urban band consisting of stepbrothers René Pérez Joglar (lead singer, songwriter), Eduardo José Cabra Martínez (multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, beat producer) and their half-sister Ileana Cabra Joglar (backing vocals). Their stage names are Residente, Visitante and PG-13.

Calle 13 likes to blend different musical styles like reggaeton, rap and rock. While other Latino groups tend to stick to the format, Calle 13 likes to buck tradition. The group is known for using a wide range of instruments from all over the world and using provocative, tongue-in-cheek as well as socially conscientious lyrics.

Everything sounds the same on the radio…but what we are making is sincere, and I think that’s worth something.”

The band also takes on social issues facing Puerto Ricans, Latinos and people all over the world. As the frontman of the band, Residente has no problem vocalizing the group’s stance on certain topics concerning music, politics and discrimination.

The siblings are big supporters for and independent Puerto Rico, Pérez is an ally of the LGBTQ community, and the brothers go out of their way not to make music about violence, misogyny and materialism.

I want Puerto Rico to be free and independent and have just one flag. The people here don’t work the way they should, and it’s because of the comfort they are feeling from you guys, from the States. We have a very low self-esteem. We feel that we can’t do it on our own. We as a country need to feel proud about our nation.”

I want  the world to know the name Oscar López Rivera.

Fun Facts

  • The group got their name from the street they use to live on when their parents were married
  • Residente is afraid of airplanes
  • If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be with his grandmother, his great-grandmother, Roberto Clemente, and John Lennon. –Rene aka Residente
  • Visitante use to lead a ska-reggae band called Bayanga
  • Their tour band consists of 20-25 members
  • Residente would one day love to be a film director or writer
  • During sex he listens to… “No music for sex,” he said, laughing. “Natura sounds.” -Rene aka Residente

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What You Didn’t Know about Romeo Santos

<!– What You Didn't Know about Romeo Santos –>

romeo santos

Anthony “Romeo” Santos, or just Romeo Santos to his fans, may be considered the modern “King of Bachata”, but it wasn’t that long ago that the half Dominican, half Puerto Rican heartthrob was simply a shy kid writing poetry at home to try to woo a girl that use to be mean to him.

“She wasn’t the nicest girl. I expressed myself by writing poems and lyrics (to her but) I kind of thank her now for being so mean to me,” said Santos.

Growing up in the Bronx, Santos was exposed to hip-hop, R&B and Latin music. The introverted singer continued to find his voice after joining his church choir and in 1994 he decided to form a group with his cousin Henry Santos and friends Lenny and Max Santos, in which he was the lead singer.

The group would later go on to be called Aventura and be the first bachata group to hail from the U. S. instead of the Dominican Republic. Despite the group’s rise from the streets of the Bronx, to its first cover on a magazine, Dominican Times/Latin Trends, and to stadiums around the world, Aventura received a lot of initial backlash from older traditional bachata listeners and musicians. By fusing bachata with R&B, hip-hop, rock and reggaeton, bachata purist didn’t acknowledge the group as making bachata music.

In spite of the criticism, Aventura went on to achieve international success with songs like “Obsesion”, which is covered in multiple languages throughout Europe, and the album which it’s included, “We Broke the Rules”, topped the pop charts in the United States and broke sales records for a bachata album.

In 2012, the once timid Santos decided to go out on his own with his debut solo album, “Formula Vol. 1.” Vol. 1 was the best selling Latin album of that year, was critically acclaimed and went on to be certified Triple Platinum. The bachata tracks on the album were written, produced and arranged by Santos. The superstar producer, Rico Love,  worked on the English songs. Vol. 1 has five consecutive chart topping songs on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs, “You,” “Promise,” “La Diabla,” “Mi Santa,” and “Rival.”

“I want to touch people’s lives with my music and my lyrics,” said Santos.

Santos’ Hollywood debut was in the blockbuster hit movie, “Furious 7” and his second film will be in 2016’s film adaptation of the video game “Angry Birds.” Santos’ second solo album, “Formula Vol. 2”, which he is on tour for now, became the best selling Latin album of 2014. It features songs like, “No Tiene La Culpa,” about a gay youth’s struggle with his sexuality.

“The message is that we shouldn’t worry about anyone’s sexual preferences, nor color, race, language, or anything, because we are all equal… this is not a gay record, this is a reality song,” said Santos, a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community.

Fun Facts

  • He is the first Latino to headline a concert at Yankee Stadium
  • He helped usher Drake and Nicki Minaj into bachata music
  • His music is in heavy rotation on jukeboxes, second only to the Rolling Stones
  • He sang in English and Spanish when he was in his church choir
  • He has won all 28 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers’ awards

By Naeisha Rose

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